Our Services

Our services are guided by an in-depth knowledge and practical experience acquired over the years, as we support our clients in their business ventures.


We are passionate deal brokers, hunters of new business and investment opportunities, and experienced in the origination and maintenance of long-term relationships.

Supported by our wide network of associates in Istanbul, Riyadh, Dubai, and New York, we guide companies to determine and pursue business opportunities that are in sync with their strategic plans. We seek out and engage with opportunity sources to cultivate partnerships and other commercial relationships, and identify new markets for products and services.

Our experts work hand-in-hand with client teams to enhance the commercial potential of their businesses and sustain their growth.


If you are a startup company or considering a new venture, or even looking to expand your business, we have the resources and the experience to provide you with organizational, strategic, and financing support.

Our team of experts work with our clients every step of the way, diligently exploring their ideas, designing and structuring their new endeavors, sourcing all the essential tools for success, and delicately executing set plans and strategies.

Capitalizing on our extensive network of experienced investors, we function as an intermediary to provide financing support for our clients’ new business ventures and to raise capital for their projects.


With our team of experts, we provide advisory services to facilitate the rehabilitation, recovery and operational optimization of small and medium enterprises.

By analyzing, identifying, and designing tailored solutions, we guide businesses to overcome the challenges and difficulties they encounter. We recommend feasible and sustainable restructuring plans and innovative operational strategies, as well as assisting in their implementation.

Re-designing the establishment and its marketing blueprint, developing appropriate e-solutions, evaluating the strength and competency of its human capital, and coaching the management team, are some areas of our expertise and experience that will be at the discretion of our clients.


Here at MBS, our experts work hand-in-hand with our clients in designing their unique blueprint by assessing their marketing needs, to tailor and implement an online/offline research methodology, in order to develop and execute a suitable marketing strategy that aims to maximize profits and customer satisfaction.

As we move away from traditional marketing towards a digital one, we take full advantage of boundless analytics and measurability that is at our disposal, and provide cutting edge marketing consultancy to our clients.

Creative content creation, campaign development and management, and social media accounts management are also services we offer our clients.

Digital & E-Commerce

We will help boost companies’ online potential to its peak. Our services include online commerce, app & website development and integration, as well as social media specialization and circulation. Our experts concentrate on both the technology and content of digital and online requirements, in-line with brand positioning, to establish a strong and sustainable customer base.

Our team of technology experts will tailor solutions to our clients’ e-business needs, in accordance to their specifications, guiding their organizations’ electronic exposure every step of the way.

Human Capital Strategy

Human capital is the single most important asset of any organization. We have the expertise to support our clients, to diagnose and overcome their company’s HR related challenges, and to help them get back on track.

After careful study and review of an organization, our experts will be able to diagnose problem areas and tailor suitable recommendations, solutions, strategies, in addition to training and coaching programs.

Working hand in hand with client teams, we can also guide them through the implementation of solutions and strategies in the areas of HR policies and procedures, compensations and benefits, performance management and evaluation, learning and development, as well as transformation and change management.

Real Estate & Construction

Through our partners and associates in Istanbul, we at MBS can offer you professional and comprehensive real estate investment advisory services for opportunities in Turkey.

You can sure to find what you are looking for with our extensive portfolio of investment products. Whether you are just looking for a summer home for your family, a regional office for your company, considering to be part of a major development, or would like to invest in an income generating asset, our expertise empower us to work with you every step of the way to cater to all your needs.

Our team and vast network can provide you with all the up-to-date prospect and market analyses, as well as the necessary information essential to making informative investment decisions.